Meet Dance Etc. - Raleigh, North Carolina

Shop: Dance Etc.

Shop Owner: Danea Polise

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Expertise: We take pride in providing excellent service in all things dance, however, pointe shoe fittings are our specialty. 


What is your background and what led you to start your business?

Danea Polise is a former professional dancer, singer and actress. She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Marymount Manhattan College in NYC where she earned a BFA degree in Dance Performance and a double minor in Philosophy and Psychology.

She received her DMA Teacher’s Training Certification from Kent State University in Ohio. She performed professionally for thirteen years in New York City, on multiple national tours, and sailed the seas dancing aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. 

After relocating to North Carolina from NYC in 2005, she continued to teach both locally and all over the country. 

“When I opened Dance Etc., it was to fill a hole that I felt wasn’t being met in the community. As a professional performer, I have worn an array of dance products, and over time you discover no two items are created the same. It was my goal to provide a place where you could buy quality products that were made well and felt great. “Trust a Dancer to KNOW Dancewear!” is something we take seriously. "

Dance Etc.
Dance Etc.

What keeps you going and doing what you're doing as a store owner?

The look of pure joy and excitement when something feels right. When you've found a pair of shoes that feel perfect or the leotard that you know will make you stand out at auditions. 


What do you love most about providing dancewear to your community?

We take pride in providing an excellent service to all levels of dancers. We want each client to come in and feel that they have left with exactly what they were looking for, as well as feeling even more confident. 


What are some favorite brands that your store carries, and why?

Suffolk Pointe Company make some of the most beautiful pointe shoes available. Ballet RosaJule Dancewear and Abigail Mentzer are all beautifully crafted leotards and skirts that are both fashionable and comfortable!

Dance Etc.
Dance Etc.

What sets your store apart from other dancewear retailers, and why?

We've been there - we have been in the clients’ shoes. Putting in the hard work to learn roles, breaking in pointe shoes or character shoes for a role. We understand and can relate! 


Are there any new dancewear and/or accessory trends you’ve noticed lately?

There are so many... the trends are always evolving. 


What are some of your best-selling products?

Hairnets, tights, Capezio Hanami Ballet ShoesBullet Pointe Skirts, Suffolk Pointe Shoes... we have many very popular items!


A lot of dancers struggle to find pointe shoes that fit correctly and flatter their feet. Do you have any advice for finding the perfect pair of pointe shoes?

Continue to see your trusted fitter if things are not working. As you progress through pointe, your feet, ankles, legs, and core continue to get stronger and can affect how the shoes may be working for you. Don't give up - there are so many models out there, and you are bound to find one that works well for your feet and level of dancing. Also, keep in mind you will change models as your feet change, too. 


In your opinion, is there a “must-have” item for any dancer?

Therabands. You can use them on any part of your body to help you stretch and strengthen. 


What made you make the decision to carry Pointe Paint?

Many of our local dancers were always looking for ways to "pancake" their pointe shoes, or they needed to have them black. When we came across Pointe Paint, it seemed like a no-brainer to carry it for our dancers. 

Dance Etc.
Dance Etc.

What’s one thing you want customers to know about you and/or your store?

We love watching a dancer's journey. It is such a pleasure getting to be part of that with you. We have many clients who we fit in their first pair of ballet shoes at age five who are now en pointe. 


Is there anything else you'd like to share with the PointePeople community?

We love what we do, and we're thankful we get to be part of our wonderful dance community.  


Contact information:


Location: 7520 Ramble Way Suite 111 | Raleigh, NC | 27616

Phone: (919) 981-0804

Instagram: @danceetcnc

Facebook: Dance Etc.

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