The Cause

Pointe Paint was born not only out of the desire to make dyeing pointe shoes easy but also to contribute to a school in need. 
We chose the Na Ponta dos Pés school in the Morro do Adeus favela of Rio de Janeiro because we wholeheartedly believe in the vision of its founder, Tuany Nascimento. In 2010, Tuany began gathering girls from the favela for open ballet classes in a fenced-in basketball court.  Here she gives girls a place to learn ballet, gain confidence, and stay out of trouble. 


Little Ballerinas in Morro do Adeus favela
Tuany teaching ballet in the Morro do Adeus favela. Photo by Sebastian Gil Miranda.


The Morro do Adeus favela is a dangerous place to live in Rio de Janeiro. Some of Tuany's very own students have family members involved in trafficking. Without Tuany's guidance many could fall victim to the elements.  


Tuany Birth leaping at sunset over the Alemão favela complex
Tuany Birth leaping at sunset over the Alemão favela complex. Photo by Frederick Bernas.


As of 2017, the program has grown to include nearly 50 girls ranging in ages from 4 to 16. Tuany's biggest initiative this year is to turn an overgrown piece of land into a library, space for workshops and a fully equipped dance studio. With your help, PointePeople™ will be contributing to the construction of the Na Ponta dos Pés facilities. 


For every bottle you purchase, PointePeople makes a donation to the development of a the Na Ponta dos Pés facilities.


PointePeople giving back to ballet  PointePeople giving back to ballet 


As stated by Tuany in this VICE News article, "We want to create a welcoming place where everyone can get the support they need."

PointePeople giving back to ballet


Photography by Sebastian Gil Miranda.


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