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Aurora | Sleep Support rollerball provides the support needed for a relaxing rest.  Roll it onto your wrists, behind your ears and neck and relax. 

Coppelia | Energy Boost rollerball provides support for a healthy immune system.  Just roll it onto your chest and neck area as needed, breathe deep and take on your day.

Giselle | Head Relief essential oil rollerball provides soothing support for all head and body tension. Apply to temples, back of neck or any other affected areas(s). Massage into area(s) where roller is applied and relax. 

Kitri | Focus Support essential oil rollerball helps promote intense concentration.  We all need a little help sometimes! Apply behind neck or ears as needed. 

Nikiya | Soothe rollerball provides a soothing support for muscles. Roll it on aching muscles as needed and relax.

Odette | Calm Relaxation rollerball helps promote relaxation and calm.  Who doesn’t want a little calm in their life? Apply to wrists and behind ears as needed. 

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