Pointe Paint: The Land of Sweets Special

Pointe Paint: The Land of Sweets Special

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Our most comprehensive Pointe Paint special this holiday! For the dancer who just can't do without all the colors.

Includes: (1) Victoria Paige Red, (1) Rajani (Black), (1) Indigo, (1) Orchid, (1) Aqua, (1) Dahlia, (1) Marigold, (1) Coral, (1) Burnt Crimson and (1) Buttermilk.

Pointe Paint provides a convenient, clean and easy way to dye (and matte!) your pointe shoes or canvas technique slippers. It's easy-to-use and contains water-based pigments. One bottle will paint 1-2 pairs of pointe shoes, depending on your size.

 Size: 1 fl. oz./29.5 ml bottle