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Pointe Paint

Pointe Paint is the first product introduced by PointePeople™. Pointe Paint is a dedicated satin or canvas shoe dye that enables you to dye or matte pointe shoes or canvas technique slippers instantaneously and hassle-free.

What's your Nude? We have just added 7 nude Pointe Paints to our collection. Now you can match your pointe shoes or canvas technique slippers with your skin tone.


I am always looking for products that will enhance my students’ ability to present themselves in an aesthetically beautiful and professional manner. Pointe Paint is one such product – it delivers vibrant colors with minimal mess, and is simple to apply. Thank you PointePeople for filling a need in the ballet world and helping us all look gorgeous in the process!

Melissa Mahady, Instructor and Director, Young Dancers Program, Kingston School of Dance

When I put Pointe Paint on my shoes, it came out easily and was just about my complexion. I think Pointe Paint will be especially good for young dancers and for quick and easy access."

Khalia Campbell, Ailey II

Can't wait to try new colors! Several shoots in April and need to dye shoes interesting colors!  Great products! Seriously love it!  Quick and easy!"

Kali Kleiman, The Dallas Conservatory

I am in love with how my pointe shoes turned out and can't wait to use them for my upcoming photo shoot! I will definitely be using more Pointe Paint in the future!"

Elizabeth Marsh, Orlando Ballet School

I love Pointe Paint! Macadamia was the exact color I needed, and it was super simple to use."

Emily White, South Georgia Ballet

How Pointe Paint works


The bottle is equipped with a well-secured cap.


The high quality sponge, is attached to a valve, which prevents the Paint from flowing unless firmly pressed.


To apply Pointe Paint, please dab the sponge 2-3 times on the shoe and use gentle, long strokes to paint.