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Our mission is to build products and a community that educate, empower and enrich dancers all over the world. We believe in doing good: doing good for yourself and doing good for others.

Pointe Paint is our first product! It's is a convenient, portable and water-based solution for dyeing and matting your satin dance shoes or canvas technique slippers. Whether you want to dye your satin or canvas shoes for a photo shoot, competition or a show, Pointe Paint is your number one solution.

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I love my Macadamia Pointe Paint so much! It goes on evenly and quickly and the results are so much better than liquid foundation."

Ever Larson, Colorado Ballet Trainee

Pointe Paint delivers vibrant colors with minimal mess, and is simple to apply. Thank you PointePeople for filling a need in the ballet world and helping us all look gorgeous in the process!

Melissa Mahady, Instructor and Director, Young Dancers Program, Kingston School of Dance

I am so happy with the results of these pointe shoes. They look absolutely stunning. I love it."

Ashley Lew, @ashleylewofficial

I've never found a pancake that was pale enough without being orange! Love it!!"

Kathleen Dahlhoff, Dancer at Cincinnati Ballet

Can't wait to try new colors! Several shoots in April and need to dye shoes interesting colors!  Great products! Seriously love it!  Quick and easy!"

Kali Kleiman, @kali_kleiman

I am in love with how my pointe shoes turned out and can't wait to use them for my upcoming photo shoot! I will definitely be using more Pointe Paint in the future!"

Elizabeth Marsh, @ballerina.elizabeth

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