NEW PointePeople Microfiber Tights Q&A Featuring: Olivia Bell, Ever Larson, Carrigan Paylor, and Julia Rust

Have you heard the news?! PointePeople is launching a brand new product: Convertible Microfiber Tights! The best part? The tights will be offered in five sizes and in all seven of our inclusive skin tone shades for a seamless match to our Pointe Paint!

To test them out, we asked dancers from across the country to try the tights and give us their thoughts. Read what some of them have to say below, and get ready to take the guesswork out of matching your tights and shoes to your skin tone!

Featuring: Olivia Bell, Ever Larson, Carrigan Paylor, and Julia Rust
Color of tights and Pointe Paint:
Olivia: Honey
Ever: Macadamia
Carrigan: Darjeeling
Julia:  Macadamia

What were your initial thoughts on the color match from tights to paint?

Olivia: The color matched perfectly, and I was so happy to see how great it matched!

Ever: The shade matches my skin tone as perfectly as the Pointe Paint!

Julia: Excellent! I had put them on with my dance clothes, and later, my partner didn’t even think I had tights on.

Carrigan Paylor wears Darjeeling Microfiber Tights and Pointe PaintCarrigan Paylor wears Darjeeling Microfiber Tights and Pointe Paint 

How would you say the shade matches your own skin tone?

Olivia: The shade matches my skin tone perfectly, and I love that there are so many options for the many different skin tones.

Ever: The shade matches my skin tone as perfectly as the Pointe Paint!

Carrigan: Darjeeling Pointe Paint is a near-perfect match for me! 

Julia: Very similar, matches just as well as the Pointe Paint.

Julia Rust Wearing Macadamia Microfiber Tights and Pointe Paint
Julia Rust Wearing Macadamia Microfiber Tights and Pointe Paint

Can you describe the feel of the tights? (Both right out of the package and while wearing?)

Olivia: The tights were very soft (that's one of the first things I said when I opened the package). While dancing, the tights were thin enough so I couldn't really even feel that I had tights on, which is great because sometimes tights can feel really restricting to dance in.

Ever: The tights are so super soft both right out of the package and while wearing!

Carrigan: The tights are the most comfortable tights I've ever worn. 

Julia: Very soft in general and while dancing!

What was the comfort level while dancing?

Olivia: They were really comfortable and easy to dance in.

Ever: They were very comfy while dancing, and I love the attention to the waistband!

Carrigan: 10/10

Julia: High, the fit is nice and comfortable, and the tights don’t sag. They are not too tight around the waist.

Ever Larson wearing Macadamia Microfiber Tights and Pointe Paint

Any features about the tights that you feel are particularly noteworthy?

Olivia: I think that I will be able to use these tights for a very long time. The tights seem sturdy, and I feel confident that even if I had to wear them for long hours almost every day in the week, they would still be in great condition.

Carrigan: They’re easy to put on, they stay in place on the waist, and are so so comfortable. 

Julia: They are very soft and the color match is amazing!

Olivia Bell wears Honey Pointe Paint and TightsOlivia Bell wears Honey Microfiber Tights and Pointe Paint


What do you think are some of the benefits of having skin tone specific tights that match our Pointe Paint shades?

Olivia: There've been times when my shoes and tights didn’t match each other, and it's an embarrassing situation. So, having tights and shoes that specifically match each other is great. Another thing is that instead of having to search for tights to match your shoes, PointePeople provides tights that match the color of the paint you have, so it helps so much with the confusions and struggles of trying to find matching tights and shoes.

Ever: I think everyone deserves to have tights to match their skin tone. I can't even begin to imagine how it feels to not have an option for something to not match your own skin tone. I'm really pale. Pink tights basically match me. In the classical ballet world, we are still expected to wear pink. Hopefully that will change so that everyone will feel represented and seen. Also, not everyone is comfortable wearing cutoffs (cut off tights). Not everyone is comfortable exposing their legs, and I think it's important for dancers to feel confident. 

Carrigan: Nude is hard to match in general. The ability to have the tights and shoes match creates cleaner lines. 

Julia: It provides a longer line because it matches the Pointe Paint even better than bare skin, as it is an exact shade match. Also, professional companies are often wearing or considering to wear skin color tights, so it is very useful to have.


What are three words that come to mind when thinking about the tights and/or Pointe Paint matching capabilities?

Olivia: Excitement, comfortability, and happiness.

Ever: Inclusion, quality, easy

Carrigan: Inclusion, ease, my-nude 

Julia: Sleek, smooth, just-right.

Macadamia Microfiber Tights and Pointe Paint
Macadamia Pointe Paint and Microfiber Tights

Would you recommend these tights to your friends and other dancers, and if so, why?

Olivia: Yes, I would recommend these tights to my friends because they are soft and comfortable to dance in. I know that some of my other friends have had trouble with matching tights and shoe color, and PointePeople products would really help them.

Ever:  I would absolutely recommend them to other dancers and friends!

Julia: Definitely! I think everyone would want to try them because it is definitely inclusive and a wonderful option to have for dancewear.  Also, I know of some dancers who prefer wearing no tights at all for contemporary or neoclassical rehearsals; they say this is because pink tights make them feel too uptight, so these tights would be a great option for dancers who feel that way as well.

How does wearing the tights make you feel? 

Olivia: I feel so happy to be able to finally wear skin tone tights and shoes in general, and having tights and shoes that match my skin tone so well makes it 100 times better. 

Ever: They made me feel streamlined and modern!

Carrigan:  I like wearing tights that match my skin tone.

Julia: It makes me feel comfortable and sleek. I enjoy wearing them with my pointe shoes (with Pointe Paint) together. I like the line, as it blends very seamlessly.

Honey Microfiber Tights and Pointe Paint
Honey Microfiber Tights and Pointe Paint

Any other thoughts you’d like to share with the dance world about this exciting new product launch?

Ever: ​​I am a tall dancer, so I need the length but need a smaller waist. There are a lot of tights brands that I just don't feel comfortable in because the waist is too big and not flattering. I chose the mediums based on the size chart for my height. Based on how these fit, I know I can order a small next time. The medium waist was "too big," but it didn't look or feel like I was swimming in them. They sat on me beautifully. The amount of stretch in the length really shows the high quality, too. I look at this experience as really important. There are so many different body types and we all want to #feelgooddancebetter. If a dancer knows they can buy a size with confidence, or move between sizes to sort of "find their fit," that's a beautiful thing! So, even though I will buy smalls in the future, I will be able to wear these mediums for years because of the quality and thought put into the design. 

Carrigan: They held up really well with the first wash. No pilling or shrinkage.

Julia: I feel like it is extremely important, and I am grateful to PointePeople for creating them. I think that they are the answer to lots of different needs dancers have.

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