Magnesium for Better Dancing (and everything else!)

Magnesium as a mineral is already present in our systems, and helps our cells, nerves, muscles, bones, and heart function. In general, we typically have enough magnesium in our bodies and don’t need to add more. At the same time, supplementing specific kinds of magnesium can help boost the body performance for specific outcomes. Magnesium as a nutritional supplement is a powerhouse with everything from increased sleep, to better recovery, to stronger mental stamina. 

But only certain types of magnesium provide each benefit and boy are there a lot of kinds: magnesium aspartate, carbonate, chloride, citrate, gluconate, malate, orotate, oxide, taurate, threonate - which is which? And which kind of supplementation will most help your diet and nutritional needs?

Read below to find the top three magnesium types for you and your dancing:

Magnesium Citrate - for Sleep, Calmness, and Pain Relief

Magnesium citrate is an excellent alternative to melatonin supplements as it helps with sleep. It also is great for naturally decreasing pain symptoms, especially PMS crampings. In supplements such as Natural Calm, magnesium citrate’s naturally slightly fizzy sweet taste is combined with other ingredients for a calming, pain relieving beverage. Drunk before sleep, magnesium citrate can help with recovery. Tired and sore after a weekend of shows? Feeling that time of the month especially during class? Magnesium citrate is your friend.

Be careful though! Too high a dose will send you running to the restroom as magnesium is a natural laxitive and citrate especially softens the gut. Magnesium citrate can be used if you feel constipation (though check your diet for fiber intake and make sure you are drinking enough water to prevent further blockage). 

Magnesium Glycinate - Your General Magnesium Supplement

Magnesium glycinate on the other hand, is the most easily absorbed magnesium supplement for the body. Since people with depression symptoms are often lacking in serotonin, and since low magnesium is a signal of low serotonin production, for depression or a low moment, magnesium glycinate can be a good dietary supplement for a short time. Basically your gentle friend to give you a bit of a boost to make sure all your dietary needs are met and your happiness meter is still buzzing.

Magnesium glyconate can also help relieve moderate migranes. For light supplementation, magnesium glycinate is an easy go-to without the laxitive effects of citrate.

Magnesium L-Theronate - for Better Brain Health and Sleep

Magnesium L-Theronate is great for brain health. Increased memory, improved cognitive abilities, decreased anxiety, and a structural reversal of signs of brain aging are all benefits of this powerhouse supplement. Pretty much a superhero in magnesium form. In fact, a study of Magnesium L-Theronate for elder adults showed after six weeks of supplementation, their brains were clinically almost  ten years younger than before. Don’t expect a miracle - after all the study is on older adults with larger brain degeneration and younger populations will have different responses. But know that taking Magnesium L-Theronate is giving your brain a big thank you after memorizing all those rehearsal combinations.

Magnesium L-Theronate also significantly helps aid sleep, which can make it a great choice for increasing sleep or easing insomnia without the laxitive effects of citrate while also boosting overall brain power.

As with anything, consult with your doctor or a naturopath if possible before adding supplements to your diet. They will be able to test if you are deficient and set a treatment plan to raise levels. However, light supplementation for specific symptoms or better performance can be tackled with the knowledge above of which magnesium supplement may be best for you. 




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