How to Dye Pointe Shoes | How to Paint Pointe Shoes

Invented around 1820, pointe shoes were created to allow female ballet dancers to dance on the tips of their toes. Pointe shoes were originally white and then evolved into a pink hue to match the European dancers’ skin tone.

pink ballet shoes

Fast forward 200 years, and here we are. 

Today, we have Bloch pointe shoes, Russian Pointe pointe shoes, Gaynor Minden pointe shoes, Sansha pointe shoes, Capezio pointe shoes, and Freed of London pointe shoes to name a few different brands. Many of these manufacturers now offer a handful of nude tones off the rack, but by only offering a few shades, we pigeonhole dancers of so many different ethnicities into just a few shades of satin...

We are proud to offer 7 shades of nude Pointe Paint and hope to continue to add many more. 


how to dye pointe shoes


PointePeople is a company dedicated to creating products that educate, empower and enrich dancers all over the world. We believe in doing good: doing good for yourself and doing good for others. Pointe Paint is our first product! It's is a convenient, portable and water-based solution for dyeing and matting your satin dance shoes or canvas technique slippers. Whether you want to dye your satin or canvas shoes for a photo shoot, competition or a show, Pointe Paint is your number one solution.

How to Paint Or Dye Pointe Shoes (or any canvas or satin shoes): 

You need custom pointe shoes but you can’t wait the extra 4-6 weeks that the manufacturer needs to create them. In walks Pointe Paint!

Find your skin tone shade of Pointe Paint to pancake your pointe shoes:

  1. Lay out your surface area. Any non-porous surface works fine.
  2. Shake the bottle. Pop off the cap.
  3. Use the mantra, “Dab, dab, slide…” and begin painting. Don't squeeze the bottle!
  4. Don’t have too much fun in one spot or else you might run low on paint!
  5. Your shoes will dry in about 30 minutes.


how to pancake your pointe shoes


One bottle of Pointe Paint covers one pair of satin or canvas shoes (depending on your shoe size). Sometimes, one bottle can cover two pairs of children size shoes. We recommend covering your shoes first before covering ribbon and elastic.


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  • Yes. Pointe Paint can be used on most pointe shoes soles!

  • Can I use the dye on the sole of the pointe shoe?

    Cindy Klausmeyer

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