Perspective: 11 Questions with Kali Kleiman

Age: 13
City/State: Frisco, TX
School: The Dallas Conservatory
Favorite Brand: Audition Dancewear, Jo & Jax, Balera, Capezio, Russian many to love!
Dream Roles:
 I love so many I don't think I have just one! I would love to work in many different genres! Ballet is my love but I also love broadway, musical theatre and contemporary! I love being on stage and I love dancing with an ensemble and as a soloist! Who knows what the future holds, but I hope it includes lots of variety and many different and beautiful stages and costumes, great friends, and beautiful choreography!

How did you first come to dance?
I first started dancing because of my Mom - she loved it when she was growing up! I starting doing recreational classes and before I knew it I was in a company at The Dance Company of Wylie! I loved being on stage and knew I wanted to make this my life. I then pursued further training at The Dallas Conservatory to improve my ballet technique!

Who has been your most influential teacher?
I've been very lucky that my coach Jacqueline Porter believes in me so much! She has poured so much energy into me and I am very grateful! Olga Pavlova also works tirelessly to perfect my ballet technique! Guest Faculty Katrina Killian, Dusty Button, Jeff Rodgers, Scott Fowler, Wes Champman, Misha Tchoupakov, Carlos Dos Santos, and Natalya Ziegler, have all shaped my technique!

What is your favorite style of dance?
Ballet and Contemporary - I really can't pick!

What is your favorite go-to source of healthy energy?
I love my Tespo vitamins in the morning, and just eating healthy! Lots of fruits and veggies!

Which variation are you doing at YAGP this year?
La Fille Mal Gardee

Where do you plan to study this summer?
The School Of American Ballet and The Dallas Conservatory

What company do you dream of dancing for one day?
New York City Ballet as a Principal! If you're going to set goals, better set them high!

Walk us through a typical day in the life of Kali.
Oh gosh! It probably is the same as so many ballet students out there! I wake up and have a healthy breakfast with my family and then get to school at 10 am and study hard! I get to have private lessons and coaching and stretching and nutrition during the day since I am a student at the Dallas Conservatory Academic program! Our evening classes start at 4:15 and we dance until about 9:30 PM! Then I make the commute home! I get to bed ASAP and then I get up and do it all over again!

Do you have any turning tips?
Turns are such a work in progress! It seems like I'm always working at it! My teachers have helped me identify how to perfect my technique, but it really truly is a daily focus! I do like to use videos to review how I'm doing and always looking for ways to improve!

Who is your dance idol?
I am inspired by many dancers! I love Dusty Button's fierce uniqueness, Misty Copeland's ability to inspire, Maria Kochetkova's ability to break dance height stereotypes, Kay Mazzo for having such an amazing career and continuing to invest so much in other dancers growth! Dancers have it good because we have so many amazing artists to look up too!

What's something not many people know about you?
I'm a huge history fan and lover of vintage style! I wish I could experience each decade in a time machine just to dress like the time and have my hair styled in that time periods trend! I also adore miniature obsessively!🤓

Photo Credit: @rhileephotog

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