Vision: We want happy and healthy dancers.  No dancer should feel inferior because of the color of their skin, the shape of their body or their economic background - ever.

Mission: PointePeople™ is building products and a community that educate, empower and enrich dancers all over the world. PointePeople™ believes in doing good: doing good for yourself and doing good for others.


Victoria Paige Guinta, 
 co-founder of PointePeople


Meet Paige

Paige wants to change the world of dance.
Paige is driven by the ideology that dance and wellness should live in synchrony and she is passionate about giving back to less fortunate dance communities around the world.
She fell in love with the world of ballet as a 10-year-old soldier in Robert Joffrey's, The Nutcracker. She spent summers at the San Francisco Ballet School, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, Joffrey Ballet of Chicago, and Ellison Ballet. Paige received 3rd place in the semi-finals of the Youth America Grand Prix and at 16, she moved away from home to train full-time while completing my high school degree online. In 2011, Paige earned her BFA in Dance from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.
At 23, she left the performance industry completely burned-out, anxiety ridden, and depressed. "I hadn't been treating my body or mind with respect and couldn't keep up with the lifestyle that was required of an auditioning dancer in New York City."
Paige believes dance is meant to bring joy! Due to the nature of the industry, for many pre-professional and professional artists - it can bring the exact opposite.
Through PointePeople™, she seeks to sweep the dance world with a movement inspired by wellness of the mind and body.


Kunal Moudgil, co-founder of PointePeople


Meet Kunal


Kunal believes in the power of paying it forward. 

Prior to co-founding Pointe People with Paige, Kunal spent over eight years in the financial services industry, building wind farms and solar plants, amongst other things. Kunal then went on to pursue his MBA at University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School.

Kunal believes that a sense of affiliation and belongingness creates a sustainable source of happiness.  Feeling included in a community can bring balance and wellness in life.   In dance, this concept manifests itself in the equal opportunity for everyone to express herself or himself.

Paige and Kunal believe that all dancers deserve to be healthy and that's why they created PointePeople™: to enlighten and empower dancers around the world through products and a community they can rely on.

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