Perspective: Interview + Quarantine Q&A with Ever Larson

Get to know new Colorado Ballet Apprentice, Ever Larson. Learn about the pre-performance ritual that helped her win first place in the Classical Division at YAGP in Denver '19, where she's trained (did somebody say Paris Opera Ballet?!), and her perfect shade of Pointe Paint for pancaking shoes!

Name: Ever Larson
Where are you from? Born in Chicago, grew up in Colorado
Where did you train? Colorado Ballet Academy 
Where do you currently live/dance? Colorado Ballet; Denver, CO
Favorite role/ballet performed: Giselle; Serenade

Ever Larson © Neil GandhiEver Larson © Neil Gandhi

How and when did you begin dancing
I started dancing when I was two. My mom would take my to the Parks District when my brother did karate; I saw dancers there, and I just begged her to start!

What was the path that led you to dancing with Colorado Ballet?
I became a pre-professional at Colorado Ballet Academy. I spent a few years in that program, and then I became at trainee. From there, I went into the Studio Company and next season I will be an Apprentice.

Tell us a little bit about your experience with the company, so far!
I have loved my time with Colorado Ballet. It's an incredible place to dance; it's really like a family. They've always been so welcoming, especially when we were younger and participating in Nutcracker.

I know that you recently competed in the 2019 YAGP in Denver, winning first place in the Classical Division...congrats! Do you have any pre-performance routines or rituals that help prepare you for the stage?
One of the hard things about YAGP was being separated from the ballet that you are trying to portray. So, my pre-performance ritual was going into the wings about two competitors before me, closing my eyes, and imagining what I would have been doing right before the variation.

Ever Larson, YAGP 2019 NYC Finals
Ever Larson, YAGP 2019 NYC Finals

Can you tell us about some of the incredible Summer Intensives you’ve attended?
I have attended Oklahoma City Ballet, Kaatsbaan two summers in a row, ABT in New York, Princess Grace, San Francisco Ballet, and Paris Opera Ballet. I also attended Colorado Ballet's intensive several years in a row before heading to some of my other intensives.

What’s next for Ever? What are your short term and long term plans/goals?I am joining Colorado Ballet as an Apprentice, and I am really excited for the coming year. I look forward to hopefully spending my career with them!

What are your favorite dance wear brands? Do you have any collaborations with 
any of them?
My favorite brands are LuckyLeo, Dellalo, RubiaWear (I have a legwarmer obsession... I've come to terms with it), Ballet Maniacs and Suffolk. I am a Suffolk Signature, so I am in collaboration with them!

Ever Larson in Luckyleo DancewearEver Larson in Luckyleo Dancewear

Have you tried Pointe Paint?
Yes, I have tried Pointe Paint! I always use it to pancake my pointe shoes.

What do you like about using Pointe Paint?
I love how easy it is to use! Before I found Pointe Paint, I used just foundation, and it was messy, splotchy, took a lot longer to dry and get a consistent result. With Pointe Paint, it's always consistent and always looks good.

Which color do you use?
The color that I always use is Macadamia. I am very pale, so it's great! 

Which color(s) would you like to try?
A color that I would really love to try is yellow... red... blue... pink... orange... Honestly, I love all the colors that they have, and I'm just waiting for the perfect opportunity to buy them!

When do you use Pointe Paint?
I used Pointe Paint for my contemporary solos for YAGP two years in a row. Anytime while I was in the Academy and we had any sort of contemporary performance where we wore bare legs, I always used Pointe Paint. I've also used Pointe Paint for a lot of my photo shoots! 

Time for some Quarantine Q&A!

What have you been doing to stay in shape during quarantine?
I've been doing a lot of online ballet classes through Zoom and Instagram. I've been doing privates with former teachers through Zoom, which has been incredible. I've also been doing HIIT classes and Pilates exercises just to keep my stamina up.

What’s been the most challenging part of self isolation for you?
I'd say the most challenging part has been getting a solid routine in. As ballet dancers, we're so used to having these classes or these rehearsals, at this time of day, for this amount of days a week, for this many hours. It's hard not knowing what you're going to do, but it's been getting a little easier the longer we've been in this situation.

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