Perspective: Mentorship Interview with Mentee, Rebecca Myles Stewart

Name: Rebecca Myles Stewart
Age: 14
Where you're from: Glenn Dale, Maryland
Mentor: Chisako Oga

What made you want to be part of the PointePeople Mentorship Program?When I found out about this program, I thought it was so amazing! During
quarantine, I had the opportunity to take class and listen to professional dancers from around the world, and that was really eye-opening for me. I wanted to be a part of this program to gain even more experience from people working in the industry and to learn more about what it’s like to dance for a living!

Why did you want to work with your particular Mentor?
I wanted to work with Chisako because she is, first off, a gorgeous dancer! Also, I felt that our dance journeys were very similar. I wanted to learn more about her journey and her experiences at various ballet competitions, such as YAGP and Prix de Lausanne. I felt that I could learn so much from Chisako!

Ballet Dancer Rebecca Myles StewartRebecca Myles Stewart performing at YAGP  © Vam Productions

What is your favorite part of the program, so far?

So far, my favorite part of the program has been the 1-on-1 coffee chats that we get to have with our mentors every month. Chisako and I have been able to connect on several topics, and it is so interesting to hear what advice she has to give! She is so nice and down to earth, and I feel like I could talk to her about anything. She has been able to help me so much! I really have learned a lot from her.

What is the best advice you have received from your Mentor?
The best advice that I’ve received from my mentor is to just be open to anything. Have your goals and your vision, but know that there is so much to learn from any school and any company. Realize that there are hundreds of places to dance in the dance world.


How is this program helping you to grow as an artist and a dancer?
This program is helping me to grow as an artist and dancer by giving me the tools and knowledge that I need to succeed. I have learned so much from all of the mentors in our private master-classes, and they all have had something different to say. I also have loved getting to meet my fellow PointePeople Mentees! They are so amazing and such kind human beings. I feel so inspired from watching them and taking class with them.

I am getting to that pivotal age where it is time to start thinking about company life and auditioning, and I feel like this program is playing a role in my preparation for that time. It has been such a nurturing and incredible experience! I am excited to take all of this knowledge that I have learned to any audition, competition, or school that I attend in the future.

What would you tell someone who is considering applying to be a Mentee in the future?
I would say to go for it! I knew that there were a lot of people applying for this
program, but I still just wanted to put my hat in the ring. Be yourself and just let that shine through! If it is meant to happen, then it will. Just don’t be scared to even try!

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