Perspective: Mentorship Interview with Mentee Sabina Maria

Name: Sabina Maria 
Age: 14 
Where do you live? I’m a blessed Michigander!
Mentor: The kind and talented Julia Rust!


What made you want to be a part of this program? 
I had been following PointePeople from a giveaway I did in the past and saw the post advertising the Mentorship Program on my feed. I thought the opportunity was a lifetime opportunity!
I saw all the incredible dancers that were applying and decided not to. I kept seeing all the application posts from PointePeople and just longed to apply, but I felt I wasn't talented enough. I realized how much this opportunity would mean to me and how much it could help my career, so I finally applied and cannot be more grateful I did!
Why did you want to work with your particular mentor?
I was praying about all the mentors and who would be right for me. I was researching all of them, and all the mentors have so much unbelievable talent! I came across Julia, and I knew it was her. Her faith is radiant in her dancing, and it’s so special. I could not be more grateful that the beautiful Julia Rust also chose me!
Sabina Maria © Matthew Gasperoni

Sabina Maria © Matthew Gasperoni
What is your favorite part of the program, so far?
I’m not even half way through the semester and there are so many things I’m blessed with from this program. [I have been] taking so many notes on the master classes and all my one-on-ones with Julia. I love how I get to meet all the mentors and mentees!
I have made so many friends and new connections in the ballet world! Another favorite part is that a professional dancer who became my role model is engaging in my life and helping me pursue my dreams. Julia has been invested in me and wants the best for me. 
Is there anything unexpected you’ve learned or experienced through the program?
I had no idea about all the master classes! I was so excited to see that. Something new would be doing Candy Tong’s contemporary ballet class. It was so different and fun! 
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from your mentor?
I have received so much so far, but the best was in our first coffee chat; I asked Julia if she ever feel she wasn’t good enough to go professional. She answered that she did, and that we all do. She told me that if I keep working hard, there is no reason I cannot go professional. She said that we need to give our plans to GOD, and let HIM use our life! 
What would you tell anyone who is considering applying to be a mentee in the future?
Be yourself and work hard! The mentors want to see you for you. Put in more than one-hundred percent each class and every exercise you do. Working hard is an important trait, even if you end up not having a dance career. 
How is this program helping you to grow as an artist and dancer?
This program has helped me in so many ways! First, with all the privates and master classes, I’ve improved a ton! Julia has sent me exercises, too, that I’ve been working on.
Second, the mental game in ballet is also a huge part. The coffee chats with Julia have been amazing to help me gain knowledge, get encouragement, and also share about my life and ballet journey!
Third, meeting professional dancers and aspiring ballerinas has been a blessing to me. To learn from the best has been overwhelming. I have improved by even watching my fellow dancers be so good. It has encouraged me to work on the things they are wonderful at! This program is shaping me in my ballet journey, and I cannot express my gratitude to PointePeople, Julia Rust, and everyone else involved enough! 
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