‘Tis The Season for...Balance

Daily routines were disrupted by holiday temptations at holiday parties and long Nutcracker rehearsals. It didn't stop for weeks.

Don’t let the now passed holiday season influence your hard-earned progress toward a balanced lifestyle. It's now a new year! Here are a few ways to implement healthy habits as we enter a new year: 

1.) Find Your Support Group

Share your health and wellness goals with loved ones. A support system of family and friends who understand your goals, strengths, and weaknesses can be extremely beneficial in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Whether your goals include getting enough sleep, meditating, maintaining a self care routine, or keeping a consistent schedule at the dance studio, you may feel especially motivated to stick to your goals when others are keeping you accountable. 

2.) Set Realistic Goals

The holiday season was a time to celebrate! Now it's time to get back to the grind. Honor all that you’ve accomplished throughout the past year and shift your mindset from restriction to mindful moderation. Allow yourself to truly enjoy the things you love. You’ve got this!

3.) Just Keep Moving

Staying active on a holiday break is one of the most beneficial ways to manage stress. Make an appointment with yourself to just move. Whether you’re at home or in the studio, squeezing in as little as 15-20 minutes of movement can recenter your focus, positively affect you mood and keep your body happy through the busiest time of year. Talk about a healthy stress reliever, phew!

4.) Cook From the Heart, For the Heart

Show your loved ones how much you really care about their health. Volunteer to help cook in the kitchen! Whether you’re cooking classic dishes or trying new recipes this year, experiment with healthy, nutrient dense ingredients that will leave you feeling satisfied. Incorporate more earthy ingredients like fruits, vegetables, legumes, plant proteins and whole grains.

5.) Stay Hydrated

The appetite centers of the brain can easily confuse thirst for hunger. This winter, keep your water bottle full and close to you always to stay hydrated. Proper hydration will help aid digestion.


Guest Blog Post: Paulina Kairys
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