We Need to Talk About Valentine’s Day

Unpopular opinion alert: I love Valentine’s Day.

I’ve loved it since I was little. I’ve loved it when I was single. I’ve loved it in a relationship. I love every aspect of this consumerist, totally pointless holiday that’s an excuse to either go on a ridiculous date, or eat chocolate and cry.

And I think everyone needs to relax about it. Think about it: the only real reason that people hate Valentine’s Day is because there’s too much pressure on the situation. Especially in the age of social media, it’s almost become glorified to have either the absolute best or unequivocally, the worst day ever on February 14th. It’s trendy to hate on a day that was made for love.

Again—a day MADE FOR LOVE!

It’s time we take a new approach to Valentine's Day. Instead of lamenting about how depressing it is to be single, or setting yourself up for disappointment by planning a lavish date, or tweeting about how the whole thing is just consumerist BS, use Valentine’s Day as a day to do something you love. Call your best friend. Call your parents. Snuggle your dog. Take a class you’ve been dying to. Eat a crazy treat. Do something that brings you complete and utter joy, and don’t feel bad about it. Don’t post on Instagram about it. Just do something you love, and tell someone you love them. I guarantee you’ll have a better day than most people on social media.

Turn the tables on Valentine’s Day. It’s time to make it about the love again.

Raella Rayside

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