Perspective: Interview with Alayna Hamade

Micaelina Ritschl

Name: Alayna HamadeAge: 15Where do you currently live/train? Austin, Texas, Ballet Academy NorthWhat kind of pointe s...

Study Session: The Waltz of the Romanian Traffic Officers

Micaelina Ritschl

Where: Timisoara, Romania When: 2008 What: A police officer walks into a barre... No, really! In one small, Romanian ...

The Ballet Cook Book: Sir Frederick Ashton's Recipes

Pointe People

In The Ballet Cook Book, Sir Frederick Ashton is quoted saying, "A good ballet is only a good ballet when all the in...

Perspective: Interview with Hannah Paige

Micaelina Ritschl

Name: Hannah PaigeAge: 14 Where are you from? Norfolk, VirginiaWhere do you currently live/train? I live in Portsmout...

The Ballet Cook Book: Arthur Mitchell's Recipes

Pointe People

Arthur Mitchell is an icon in the ballet world. He was the first African-American dancer in New York City Ballet and...

The Ballet Cook Book: Alicia Markova's Recipes

Pointe People

We must admit that we didn't expect to find "Two Sandwiches" to be the title of the sole recipe in The Ballet Cook Bo...

Perspective: Interview with Elden Brady

Micaelina Ritschl

Name: Elden Brady Age: 14Where do you currently live/train? Campaneria Ballet School; Cary, North CarolinaWhat kind o...

The Ballet Cook Book: John Cranko's Recipes

Pointe People

"My Escalopes a la Creme are childishly simple, perfect when one has to entertain with no preparation time...and they...

Study Session: The Dancing Plague of 1518

Micaelina Ritschl

Subject: The Dancing Plague of 1518  Where: Strasbourg, France What: In July of 1518, an unbelievable epidemic grippe...

The Ballet Cook Book: Jillana's Recipes

Pointe People

On Jillana's first day of Kindergarten, she went up to the teacher and whispered, "Don't tell anyone but I'm really ...

Perspective: Interview with Charlotte Felicity Blake

Micaelina Ritschl

Name: Charlotte BlakeAge: 14Where are you from? Sarasota, FloridaWhere do you currently live/train? Sarasota, Florida...

The Ballet Cook Book: Margot Fonteyn & Rudolf Nureyev's Recipes

Pointe People

Margot Fonteyn's Scaloppine Piccolo Mondo 12 veal cutlets, sliced thin 1 egg 1/2 t salt Pinch of pepper Olive Oil 2 p...
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