Cruelty Free Highlighters for Sparkle and Shine

Cue my current makeup obsession, highlighters! I’m still not sure I know how to properly use them for a subtle shimmer or glow, but I’ve really started to enjoy their presence in my vanity drawer. These little pots, jars, and sticks are just too cute not to try!

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite cruelty free, vegan and natural highlighters. Shine on dancing queens!


1.) RMS Beauty Luminizer

RMS is one of my go to cruelty free and vegan makeup brands, but this beautiful, smooth, pot of shimmer is one of my favorites. This beauty comes in 4 perfect dewy shades, Champagne Rosé, Magic, Peach and Living. Find it at select Sephora’s, Credo Beauty, and online.



2.) W3ll People Bio Brightener Stick

W3ll People is a classic cruelty free and natural beauty brand, who wait for it, is now available at select Targets! This Brightening stick is smooth and has a satin texture that glides on easily. Its non-toxic, talc, and mineral oil free.



3.) Milk Makeup Highlighter

Cult beauty brand, Milk Makeup, just recently announced that all of its products will be vegan and cruelty free moving forward! A win for all animal loving beauties everywhere. This everyday highlighting stick comes in Lit, a champagne shimmer that can be layered for on the stage or every day. Find it at Sephora.

Take a picture of your fave highlighter, tag @pointepeople, and glow girl!

As always, keep dancing!


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