Debunking Deodorant

Dance class is a sweaty affair, there’s no way around it. However, have you ever thought about what’s in your go to stick? Most deodorants and antiperspirants are ripe with toxic chemicals and the pit-falls (pun intended) of such deodorants are plenty – possible health risks, skin irritations, and increased perspiration. Yikes!

Natural deodorants can actually help, and we can and should consider more natural, clean, and cruelty free versions to keep us feeling fresh. Our skin is our largest organ after all…

Not only does the use of natural ingredients limit skin issues (like irritations and chemical reactions), they don’t block pores, they allow natural bacteria’s that fight odors to flourish, and even result in a longer lasting shave. Most importantly they are good for us, the environment, and animals too!

No two deodorants or peoples body chemistry are alike, so finding the right natural deodorant for you is important. To help, I have narrowed down a few of my personal go-to’s.

  1. Schmidt’s, This fan fave isn’t award-winning for no reason. It’s a plant and mineral-powered formula that actually works. The scents are natural and fresh (my go-to is Rose + Vanilla), the stick lasts for months, and it doesn’t leave behind any unsightly pit residue. I fell in love with this brand right out of the gate and it works well with my sensitive skin and body chemistry. This brand is starting to pop up all over (I see you Target) and can now be found beyond the doors of natural beauty stores and markets. The company prides itself on sustainability and accessibility, two things I know we can all get on board with!

  2. Native, This simple stick, which comes in a host of delectable scents is aluminum and paraben free. Its light, not sticky, and easy to apply. It eliminates odors and is a favorite of active women everywhere. Harder to find outside of natural beauty supply stores or online, it is still an affordable option. Perk, it’s born in the USA!

  3. Ethique, This brand is a big one in environmental and vegan circles and for a good reason. All of Ethique’s products are plastic-free and the deodorant is no different. A solid deodorant without packaging takes a bit of getting used to, but if you want to consume less waste, I say give it go! They are free of baking soda and aluminum and come in 2 fabulous scents – Lavender & Vanilla and Spearmint & Lime. A certified B Corp, this brand is built on values.

Switching to a natural deodorant is easy, but from personal experience it can take a few months for your body to adjust. I sweated more at first, but now I actually feel fresher for longer and can run around all day without even breaking a sweat.  A win-win in this dancer’s book!

Comment below and share which natural deodorant is your fave!

As always, keep dancing!


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