Five Amazing Sources of Protein For Vegetarians

I’ll admit: I grew up a ravenous carnivore, and I’ve always believed that you couldn’t get the necessary protein you needed to survive without chicken and steak.

But, after doing some research about the benefits of cutting back on red meat, I’ve been finding different ways to increase my protein intake.

Here are my favorite foods that are high in protein, but aren’t meat:

Greek yogurt: One serving of Greek yogurt has about 18 grams of protein! My favorite way to eat it? Topped with granola and berries for carbs, too.

Pumpkin seeds: 12g protein per cup, and ½ the magnesium you need for the day! Toast them up, season with sea salt (and cayenne if you’re adventurous), and enjoy!

Barley and lentils: Toss these bad boys into some tomato soup for 23 grams of protein, but know this--they’re okay on their own, but even better (amino-acid-wise) together!

Quinoa: One quarter-cup has six grams of protein. Treat your quinoa like rice, and toss in some herbs, spices, veggies, and eggs for an awesome stir-fry!

Chia seeds: These aren’t the most packed with protein--only 3g in a tablespoon, but they’re a complete protein, meaning they have awesome fatty acids and other nutrients. For a double-whammy, toss them into your Greek yogurt! Mind = blown.

There you have it! My five favorite ways to keep the protein, but nix the meat. For more ideas, check out this article


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