Meet The London Dance Shoppe - London, Ontario

Shop: The London Dance Shoppe
Shop Owner: Danielle Cameron
Location: London ON - Canada
Expertise: We specialize in pointe shoe fittings.

What is your background and what led you to start your business?

I began working at The London Dance Shoppe when I was sixteen years old. Now, sixteen years later, I am the owner. The London Dance Shoppe has been open for twenty-six years total. I have a background in dance myself (specifically ballet - trained for eighteen years). I also have a background in business and work for The Ivey Business School recruiting students. 

The Dance Shoppe London
Staff at The London Dance Shoppe

What keeps you going and doing what you're doing as a store owner?

Helping the dancers that come to us. We have built so many wonderful relationships with our clients. We have seen many grow in their dance careers, from a young age to going en pointe for the first time and seeing them off to study dance professionally. 

What do you love most about providing dancewear to your community?

We love supporting the performing arts community and being able to help dancers from dance class essentials to being stage performance ready!

What are some favorite brands that your store carries, and why?

AinslieWear - We love the unique lace and mesh detailing in their bodysuits.

Ballerina Couture Dancewear - We love that this bodysuit brand is designed by a Principal Dancer, Tina Pereira (National Ballet of Canada).

PointePeople of course! : ) - How easy they have made it for dancers to dye their shoes!

What sets your store apart from other dancewear retailers, and why?

We are a small boutique dance store. We strictly specialize in all things dance. We have always had a well-known reputation for fitting pointe shoes, as well. All my staff must have a strong background in dance, specifically pointe work, in order to be able to fit pointe shoes.  

Are there any new dancewear and/or accessory trends you’ve noticed lately?

We are loving seeing dance tights being worn over the bodysuits versus under! We also are loving that knitwear is coming back in style now!

What are some of your best-selling products?

Pointe shoes, tights, and bodywear.

The Dance Shoppe London
The London Dance Shoppe

A lot of dancers struggle to find pointe shoes that fit correctly and flatter their feet. Do you have any advice for finding the perfect pair of pointe shoes?

Make sure that you are going to a store that knows how to fit properly and that you try on multiple different styles to compare the fit. Do your research when it comes to the place you're being fit! 

Also, don't write off a brand or style because it didn't work for someone else you know. For example, we all don't like or wear the same brand/style of denim...same goes for pointe shoes. 

Lastly, your foot can change so much as your progress in your pointe career. Therefore, your pointe shoes may need to change, too, to accommodate this!

In your opinion, is there a “must-have” item for any dancer?

We are currently loving the Russian Pointe Foam Roller & Balance Board for training! Plus the Grishko Tight Socks are a total must have for when you don't want to wear a full tight!

What made you make the decision to carry Pointe Paint?

We wanted to be able to offer dancers the ability to easily change the colour of their pointe shoes, whether it be for a performance to match a costume OR to match with their skin tone/tight colour. We also love the look of a matte looking or 'pancaked' shoe.

What’s one thing you want customers to know about you and/or your store?

We feel so lucky to be able to work with dancers everyday. It truly is a labour of love!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the PointePeople community?

We would love for you all to follow us on Instagram: @thelondondanceshoppe :)

The Dance Shoppe London
The London Dance Shoppe

Contact information:


Location: 142 Wortley Road, London ON | Canada

Phone: +1 519-659-1265

Instagram: @thelondondanceshoppe

Facebook: The London Dance Shoppe
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