Food4Soul: Tea - the Best Alternative to Water for Athletes

Wellness dictates that as athletes, we drink a large quantity of water each day.  According to the International Sports Medicine Institute, an athlete should drink a third more water than an average person.  This keeps us healthy not only physically but mentally too.  Well, let’s be honest, not all of us enjoy drinking water in as much quantity; and there are not many natural and/or healthy alternatives out there.

PointePeople did some legwork to learn about one of the best natural alternatives to water: tea!

Yes, tea is a great way of staying hydrated without ingesting unnatural substances while gaining some essential nutrition in the process.  Below we have broken down three kinds of tea for you.  So which tea will become your go-to-drink – we are curious to know!

There are three basic kinds of teas: i) white, ii) green and iii) black.



White Tea

PointePeople talk about benefits of tea; tea is the best alternative to water

The mildest tea in the family, this tea was considered so special in China that it was particularly set aside for royals.  Not only does it have a smooth mild flavor, it also promotes some great health benefits.  The delicate process of making white tea helps preserve an abundance of great antioxidants -  greater than any other teas.  A study from Pace University that white tea extracts may help in fighting bacteria that cause dental cavities.

Bottomline: This tea will give you all the benefits of the healthy beverage family without the “grassy” aftertaste of many teas.

Caffeine level: Low


Green Tea

PointePeople talk about benefits of tea; tea is the best alternative to water

Green tea is the most popular cousin of teas.  It is considered by many to be the healthiest beverage on the planet.  Green tea is known to make you smarter – it contains a special amino acid that works with caffeine to improve brain functions.  And yes, the caffeine in green tea can stimulate you without any jittery effects.  Green tea improves physical performance – green tea has been shown to increase the metabolic rate and increase fat burning in short term.

Bottomline: there is a reason green tea takes the cake, it has great taste the right amount of caffeine and boasts great health benefits.

Caffeine Level: Medium


Black Tea

PointePeople talk about benefits of tea; tea is the best alternative to water

Black tea lately has not gotten as much fanfare due to much attention paid to green tea.  Black tea has a treasure chest of health benefits not to be ignored.  Amongst others, key benefits of drinking black tea are increased energy, improvement of the immune system, stronger bones, prevention of cancer and stress relief.

Bottomline: for the tea aficionados that want that extra kick caffeine kick without the need for coffee or unnatural energy drinks, black tea is your beverage

Caffeine Level: High

So which type of tea will be your favorite go-to beverage?  Comment below!
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