Perspective: 10 Questions with Kera Fernstrom

Age: 10
Hometown: Bartlett, IL
School: Chicago Ballet Conservatory
Favorite Brand: Grishko, Audition Dancewear, Ivivva
Dream Roles:
 I don't just have one dream role. I would love to dance in all genres. I just love to get on stage and perform.


How did you first come to dance?
I grew up at a studio watching my older sister Briana dance. I would stand in the doorway of the studio watching and trying to dance like the big girls. At age two, I took my first class haven't stopped since.

Who has been your most influential teacher?
I am very lucky to have had several teachers that influenced me so far. Ms. Eilleen Mallary and Mrs. Lisa Yarwood who taught me from the beginning to never be afraid to step out of my comfort zone, always go full out, stay in character and have fun. I have, within the past 3 years, started to focus more on my ballet technique and training. Tatyana Mazur has taught me so many different variations and how to become a more graceful dancer. Anna Spelman believes in me so much and is always there to support me. She helps me with my ballet technique and training. Preston Miller has encouraged me to dance beyond my limits, to tell a story when I dance and helps me with my technique.

What is your favorite style of dance?
I don't have just one favorite style of dance. I love all styles.

What is your favorite go-to source of healthy energy?
I love to eat fruit and veggies. Lately, I have been eating a lot of apples with peanut butter

Which variation are you doing for YAGP this year?
For YAGP I did La Fille Mal Gardee and Kitri Act 1. For YAGP Finals I am doing Kitri Act 1 again!

Where do you plan to study this summer?
The Chicago Ballet Conservatory and The Dance Artist

Walk us through a typical day in the life of Kera:
I wake up at 7 am and eat breakfast - usually eggs, but sometimes I get a treat and get pancakes! I go to school until 2:30 and then come home do homework, stretch, eat an early dinner usually of chicken or fish with veggies. Then, I go to dance and finish around 9:30. I eat a small snack in the car on the way home then off to bed.

Who is your dance idol?
I am inspired by a couple of different dancers: Natalia Osipova is beautifully graceful and strong. I love the way Misty Copeland is so positive. Svetlana Zakharova, well, she is just amazing.

What is something not many people know about you?
I love to read biographies!

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