Perspective: Interview with @amayatheballerina45

Perspective: Interview with @amayatheballerina45 by PointePeople blogpost



Age: 11
City/State: Orlando, FL
School: Orlando Ballet School
Favorite Brand: Suffolk & Mariia
Dream Roles:
 Giselle, Kitri, and Black Swan


How did you first come to dance?
When I was three years old my Mom enrolled me in my first ballet class, and I have been dancing ever since.

Who has been your most influential teacher?

I actually have two teachers who have been influential to me. The first one is Mr. Mark from my previous studio, he helped me tremendously with my technique, and I am forever grateful. My second teacher is Ms. Mila, she showed me how to use artistry in my dancing and also helped me to focus on the little details.

What is your favorite style of dance?
My favorite style of dance is ballet.

What is your favorite go-to source of healthy energy?
My favorite go-to source of healthy energy is fruit. Some of my favorites are strawberries, grapes, watermelons, and mangoes.

Which variation are you doing at YAGP this year?
This year I did Bridesmaid variation by Don Quixote at YAGP.

Where do you plan to study this summer?
This summer I plan to study at Miami City Ballet, I will be doing a five-week summer intensive.

Walk us through a typical day in the life of Amaya.

My days are pretty busy. I wake up around 7:45am, get ready for school and off I go. I am in middle school (6th grade) and I take 7 classes each day, most of my classes are advanced with the exception of my electives. After school, I come home and do my homework while eating "dinner #1". I do as much homework as possible, then it's time to get ready for dance. I take ballet/pointe 6 days a week, I also take character and jazz as part of my curriculum. I am usually finished with dance around 8:30pm. When I get home, I finish any homework that I was unable to finish earlier. Oh, and I have "dinner #2". Yes, I eat a lot, my mom says it's because I have a high metabolism so I burn a lot of calories. Once my homework is completed, I'm off to bed.

Who is your dance idol?
I have several role models but my number 1 is Michaela DePrince. I love her strength, she overcame adversity and achieved her goal of becoming a professional ballerina. Another reason why she is my role model is the fact that she has a skin condition (Vitiligo) and she does not allow it to hold her back. I also have a skin condition (eczema) and seeing Michaela succeed, lets me know that I can too.

What's something not many people know about you?
I have lived in a total of 5 states due to my Daddy being in the U.S. Marine Corps.

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