Perspective: What you Don't Know About The Quiner Sisters

Meet the lovely and talented Quiner Sisters:

Elliana Quiner

elliana quiner ballet jko abt school

Caroline Quiner

caroline quiner ballet

Julianna D Photography

Rachel Quiner

rachel quiner ballet

Eva Nys Photography

Savannah Quiner

savannah quiner ballet

Eva Nys Photography

Michelle Quiner

michelle quiner ballet 

Eva Nys Photography 


What is the best part of having sisters to dance with?

Rachel: They always understand and are very encouraging!

Elliana: I look up to them and want to be like them!

Caroline: That there’s always someone to dance or goof around with.

Savannah: Having each other for partners in class or just dancing together in the basement

Michelle: I love that we all share the same passion, so we can encourage and help each other become better dancers.

What is the most difficult part about having sisters to dance with?

Rachel: We usually are pretty competitive :)

Elliana: They are competitive

Caroline: Sometimes it gets competitive.

Savannah: We are all very competitive

Michelle: Sometimes, because we all do the same thing, we can get a little competitive, but at the end of the day, we all love each other and want the best for each other.


What's the best quality about Michelle and why?

Rachel: Michelle works VERY hard, which inspires me to work harder.

Elliana: Michelle works hard.

Caroline: Michelle works very hard and is a great example.

Savannah: Michelle is a hard worker who never gives up!

What's the best quality about Savannah and why?

Rachel: Savannah takes ballet very seriously, and I admire that. I also like to talk about things before going to bed with her💓

Elliana: Savannah choreographed a solo for me!

Caroline: Savannah always strives for perfection and is very inspiring.

Michelle: I love to spend time with Savannah! She’s funny, but also wonderful to talk to.

What's the best quality about Rachel and why?

Elliana: Rachel has good stage presence!

Caroline: Rachel is very joyful and brings you up when you're sad.

Savannah: Rachel is fun to be around and also a great dance partner! 😊

Michelle: Rachel has a very bubbly personality which makes her lots of fun to be around.

What's the best quality about Elliana and why?

Rachel: I like how Ellie looks up to her older sisters and is always trying to do what we do or did.

Caroline: Ellie always tries her best even though she’s the youngest.

Savannah: She loves to dance around in the basement with me😊

Michelle: Elliana is a very sweet younger sister. I can tell she looks up to us older ones and wants to learn as much as she can.

What's the best quality about Caroline and why?

Rachel: Caroline & I are VERY close!! We’re basically twins and always tell eachother everything.

Elliana: Caroline is focused. 

Savannah: I can relate to Caroline a lot and we basically like the same things (like slime 😉).

Michelle: Caroline is a very hard worker. This is my second year choreographing her solo, and I love how she takes the time to work on it on her own a lot. It always looks so much better when I see it again.

What do you talk about the most with your sisters?

Rachel: We talk about a lot of things, but something we usually talk about is dance teachers, dance combos, or dancers.

Elliana: Dance!

Caroline: We talk about a lot of things but often about how we feel.

Savannah: Probably anything dance related.

Michelle: Definitely anything dance related!

Who takes the longest to get ready for ballet?

quiner sisters ballet

How do you motivate each other?

quiner sister ballet

Rachel: We like to workout in the basement together and show combos from workshops.

Elliana: We workout together.

Caroline: By watching & learning from each other.

Savannah: By pushing each other’s limits in class

Michelle: We love to work-out together, and help each other with our solos.

What's your favorite healthy snack?

Rachel: A smoothie😋

Elliana: Any fruit!

Caroline: Fruit or vegetables with hummus.

Savannah: Rice cakes with sunbutter

Michelle: Rice cakes with sunbutter and vegetables with hummus.

What do you recommend to dancers who want to increase their flexibility?

Rachel: Oversplits or just splits are so effective. But always make sure you are fully warmed up before stretching. Always be safe!

Elliana: Stretch everyday!

Caroline: Keep stretching but never be too hard on yourself. Flexibility takes time.

Savannah: Lots of leg exercises to strengthen them and once your warm oversplits.

Michelle: Do lots of strengthening exercises first, and then work on oversplits from 3-5 minutes.

What is the funniest memory you have of growing up in the Quiner house?

Rachel: We’re all goof balls and do hilarious things everyday! I can’t even remember everything we do! 😂

Elliana: Scaring my little brother at my Great Grandmas house. He fell over. It’s in one of our vlogs.

Caroline: All the fun traditions we have. Like a funny line from a movie that we quote on a regular basis.

Savannah: I remember one time when our family was at the table and I needed something passed to me. My Dad asked, “Savann, what’s the magic word?” All I could think of was a part of the Barney song: “please and thank you they’re the magic words . . . use them in the morning and noon and night; it’s a great way to be polite.” So I told my dad, “Morning, noon, and night?”

Michelle: Since we were/are all homeschooled, I have fun memories of doing school with all of my siblings in our basement. Sometimes we would get distracted and start talking about dance!

Who is most likely to be taking a selfie at any given moment?

rachel quiner ballet

Who is the silliest of all of you?

quiner sisters ballet pointe paint

Who's the best at math?

quiner sisters ballet

Who is the most responsible of all of you?

michelle quiner ballet

Who is most likely to make their bed in the morning?

rachel quiner ballet

Who is most likely to be the first one up in the morning?

michelle quiner ballet

What did you like the most about Pointe Paint?

Rachel: What I liked about Pointe Paint the most is how nicely the shoes turned out and how easy it was to apply to my pointe shoes.

purple pointe shoes rachel quiner

Elliana: Pointe Paint looks fun! I can’t wait to try it!

Caroline: My favorite thing about Pointe Paint is how it’s such a brilliant idea and how vivid the colors are.

caroline quiner ballet pink pointe shoes

Savannah: I love how easy it is to apply and how much the colors pop!

Michelle: I love how the colors are so bright and beautiful!


What color Pointe Paint is your favorite?

quiner sisters favorite ballet shoe pointe shoe pointe paint

What's something we don't know about you?

Rachel: I’m really bad at math, it literally makes no sense. And I have glasses because I can’t see far away!

Elliana: I play Legos with my little brother David.

Caroline: That we are related to Laura Ingalls Wilder and I am named after Laura’s mom!

Savannah: I love math! 😁

Michelle: I love to crochet and bake!

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