411: SELF Magazine - Watching Misty Copeland Take A Ballet Class Is Just As Magical As You'd Expect

"The future of ballet really depends on reflecting the way we see America and giving everyone equal opportunity. People want to be a part of it and I think that's why it's important for me to be here even if it's just me, there are still so many people that can see themselves through me and can see an opportunity for themselves and a future." - Misty Copeland


In 2012, I spent six months as a work-study student at Steps on Broadway. The best part of the job was watching Misty Copeland take class. She's very sweet and although she was already huge in the ballet world this was many months before she was recognized so hugely in the public eye.

What stood out for me was her humility. She would wait in long lines to sign-in for class like every other student (which was unlike many other pros that took class!). She would smile in conversations with the staff. There was absolutely zero ego and I believe that this trait, and many more, absolutely crossover to her dancing. 

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