Nourish: Eight Surprising Things You May Not Know About Skincare

It feels like every day, skin care becomes an entirely new entity: one minute, you need a morning and a night routine. The next, you should only be using coconut oil as a makeup remover. It’s all a bit confusing, and hard to remember—especially after a long night of performances, when all you want to do is jump into bed with your makeup on. But, over the years, I’ve learned the importance of caring for my skin, since it protects the rest of my body.

1. There is literally no substitute for going to a dermatologist. There is no online quiz, no best friend, no ANYTHING that will be able to get to the root of any skin issue the way that a dermatologist will. Whether you’re trying to solve a problem, or just amp up your routine, seeing a professional is the best bet.

2. Sometimes, you CAN wash your face too much. It is definitely possible to use too many cleansing products in a day—especially if you have dry skin, and if you use exfoliating products. It’s important that the skin not be stripped of its essential oils. In fact, over-washing can even cause breakouts.

3. Speaking of breakouts: Depending on where and when you get them, they could be trying to tell you something! For example, forehead acne can mean something different from cheek and chin acne. Check out this comprehensive list for more!

4. There’s no scenario where not washing your face after a full day of wearing makeup is okay. Sorry, girls! It may be tempting, but makeup traps your pores, and can eventually cause cystic acne or very intense flare-ups. Wash it off! Also, your makeup expires—make sure you’re getting rid of face products after about a year!

5. Though it may be tempting to believe the hype, coconut oil CAN do damage to your skin. Coconut oil is a sealant, not a moisturizer—that means, it will trap things in your pores. It’s really great for post-shaving, or in the winter on top of a body lotion to seal in moisture. But, be wary of using it on your face. It can cause breakouts.

6. Diet plays a big role in your skin care—not just when you eat something unhealthy, but when you’re lacking key nutrients like B vitamins and iron, too!

7. The right moisturizer can make all the difference. If you have sensitive skin, a fragrant face lotion might not be best. If you have dry skin, a thicker cream or ultra-hydrating primer might be necessary. Overnight hydration for lips or under the eyes might be what you need! Regardless, be sure that you’re reading the functionality of your products to make sure that they match your needs.

8. Finally: please use sunscreen, even in the winter. If you don’t like the added layer, opt for a lotion that contains SPF. The sun is brutal. Don’t underestimate it!

Remember, skincare sounds way more complicated than it has to be. The important thing is finding what works for you. And, if all else fails, remember tip #1!



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