Nourish: Vegan 101

For any lifestyle to be enjoyable, it must make you feel good, allow for some flexibility, but most importantly, it needs to be sustainable. Sustainability is often used in the context of the environment, but in many ways, it is applicable to ourselves. As dancers, we know that in order to enjoy a long and healthy career, we must care for our bodies and minds in a way that promises longevity. We ultimately must strive to cultivate sustainability in our lives.

When it comes to food, the fuel which powers us as artists, a healthy, balanced diet comes to mind. Perhaps the most sustainable diet, that is not only healthy and delicious but compassionate as well, is the vegan diet. A diet which translates into a cruelty-free lifestyle. Veganism is the choice to abstain from all animal and animal by-products. It’s about aligning your moral and ethical compass with what’s on your plate. Not only does it promote compassion for animals, it lessens our impact on the planet, and promotes a sustainable future for ourselves as human beings.

A vegan diet, comprised of primarily plant-based foods, lends itself to feeling healthier, cleaner, and purer. It also gives you an increase in energy, that type of feeling you get after downing a delicious green juice. Although veganism, when done correctly, can fuel your body in a whole new way, vegans do have to be careful that they maintain a balanced diet. It’s easy to become a “French fry vegan,” especially on a busy dancer’s schedule, but sticking to plants and healthy whole grains will help you keep proper nutrition and energy levels. Although all vegans do enjoy treats and snacks, I know I do, they must be kept in moderation, like all good diets!

Many people assume that a vegan diet is restrictive, but in many ways it the freest, I personally, have ever felt. Aligning all aspects of my life, with my profound love for all sentient species, including farm animals, has made me feel healthier and in many ways, whole. If veganism seems scary to you, that’s ok! Start with removing meat or dairy from your diet one or two days a week. Give your body and mind time to adjust. Eventually, you will start feeling lighter, healthier, and more motivated. Vegetarianism is also a great place to start. I was a vegetarian for almost 15 years before I went full-fledged vegan. The more you educate yourself on the benefits of veganism and actually try a plant-based diet, you will start to feel inspired to give it a go!

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As always, keep dancing!

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