Energy Boosting Macro Bars | PointePeople

Pointe People

I’m not one for snack or energy bars, especially since they seem to be made with increasingly more amounts of refined...

Food4Soul: Tea - the Best Alternative to Water for Athletes

Pointe People

Wellness dictates that as athletes, we drink a large quantity of water each day.  According to the International Spor...

Nourish: 5 Ways to "Eat Your Water" this Summer

Pointe People

It's that time of year! You're all taking well-deserved breaks from the studio before heading off to summer intensive...

Nourish: Vegan Avocado Toast

Dana Rosati

I’ve recently become marginally obsessed with a millennial fave, avocado toast. I am your standard PB hold the J kind...

Nourish: Edible (healthy) Cookie Dough

Pointe People

We're not sure if you've heard about the latest rage in New York City, but it's called Do (pronounced "dough") and it...

Nourish: Vegan Chocolate Pancakes by @thephallerina

Pointe People

Hello everyone, I'm Phallyn! (also known as Phallerina) One thing everyone knows about me, is that my life revolve...

Nourish: A Strong and Healthy Vegan Dancer

Pointe People

      Many athletes, from soccer stars, to tennis pros, and even world-renowned ballet dancers, are committing to a...

Nourish: The Protein Myth

Pointe People

As dancers, we know that protein is vital for our health, our workouts and recovery, and most importantly for our bra...

Nourish: Sweet Treats

Lauren Previte

Sweet cravings: they happen to the best of us! You know those nights, you've eaten your dinner and find yourself scro...

Nourish: Vegan 101

Pointe People

For any lifestyle to be enjoyable, it must make you feel good, allow for some flexibility, but most importantly, it n...

Nourish: Spotlight on Ghee

Pointe People

5 Incredible Benefits of the Superfood Ghee for Dancers   So what IS Ghee? It is clarified butter made from the milk...

Nourish: Spotlight on Parsley

Lauren Previte

Happy Tuesday dancers! This week's superfood spotlight is on one of my favorite herbs; parsley. I've been adding it t...
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